About Us

Our History



Red Wing, Minnesota, a town tucked in the bluffs along the Mississippi River, is the home of Simple Abundance, known simply as "Kiki's" or the "local health food store."  Simple Abundance was started in 2000, with a dream and a tight budget. Four years later, our store moved to a restored historic building from 1878. We keep a feel of the old days with the original tin ceilings, fir floors, and the original owner living right upstairs!  

Each year, we find new ways to expand and grow, to meet the economic needs of our customers as well as keeping them healthy with organic foods, produce, local meats, supplements, and friendship. Working with small, local entrepreneurs is very important to us and we carry many products from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We thrive on finding new local products, farmers, and business people to support

What's on the Shelves


 We take pride in offering a wide selection of products in a relatively small space.  Locally fresh baked goods are delivered each week.  Our refrigerators and freezers supply organic/local produce,  grass-fed meats, organic free-range poultry and eggs, organic dairy, and Kiki's famous homemade hummus.  The grocery shelves contain a variety of items, particularly non-GMO, organic, local, or gluten free selections. The Bulk Room is ever-expanding, hoisting dried beans, grains, flours, rice, legumes, nuts, seeds, pasta, granola, spices, teas and more.  In addition to food items, we carry a wide variety of supplements.  It is important to us to support companies and products that are reputable, transparent and high quality.   We also handle body care and household items, with essential oils being especially popular among our visitors.  We fulfill many special orders each week, making sure each customer is satisfied with their selection. 

Further Education



Simple Abundance boasts a meeting room located above the store where we hold classes covering everything from ballroom dancing, yoga, alternative therapies, essential oils, nutrition classes, cooking classes, film screenings, and speakers. It is our hope the use of the classroom will continue to grow and support our customers and friends, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Please visit our calendar for a list of upcoming classes and events


We love our jobs, which we see as nourishing not only our customers’ body, but mind and soul as well.  Education is our number one priority;  we have many resource books available and take time with our customers, empowering them with knowledge to make the best decision for themselves and their health.  Simple Abundance is a safe place where all are welcomed.