"BEe" the difference earth week 2019

Earth day April 22

Don't Waste The Month Away!

Earth Day is a global annual holiday celebrated on April 22.  Various events are hosted in hundreds of countries to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  But what does that mean for us here in Pretty Little Red Wing?

Simple Abundance is dedicating this special day, in fact, this special month, to making changes to USE LESS.  To REDUCE even before we Reuse and Recycle. 

Check out our display case in the store full of products that eliminate single use items such as water bottles, plastic bags, straws, coffee filters and twist ties.  With just a little bit of planning, you can eliminate and immense amount of trash and waste in your household.  

Challenge yourself not to take a paper or plastic bag for an entire month.   Bring your own coffee mug for your to go drink.  Decline a straw.  Pick up litter.  Be the example to the next generation that  our actions really CAN make a difference in our community.

BE the difference.



Self-Serve Bulk


Stock up and save 10% on flours, grains, rice, legumes, nuts, seed, teas, spices and more!  Bring in your own container for an extra smile at check-out.

Seed Savers Seed Packets


Save 10% off organic and/or heirloom seed packets from Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA.

Plus CBD Total Plant Complex


Save 15% of CV Sciences "green line" or total plant complexes.  Available in liquid or capsule form in varying potencies.

$4 Smoothie Special


This month we're saying goodbye to the Minnesota winter with our "Frappin' Snowmelt" smoothie, made with four simple ingredients: coconut milk, organic cold brew coffee, collagen powder and  local honey.

KeVita Probiotic Drinks


Replenish with these delicious, invigorating and bubbly drinks, on sale for $3.19 all month long (Reg. $3.99).

Select New Products


Save 25% on some of the new items in the store.  Ask for a sample, we might just have some for you to try!